Department of Law

The Department of Law offers study programs at the Bachelor and Master level in Law. This Department promotes and coordinates research in the legal scientific fields, thus being the point of contact in relation to research activities carried out in related fields. At the same time, the Department establishes relations with other Departments of the Faculty and with inter-university Institutions such as the Institute of Public Affairs in order to organize and strengthen the scientific research activity. Through close practices and in-depth studies in law, this Department prepares skilled lawyers who meet the market demands for employment.

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The programs of the first cycle of Bachelor studies last 3 academic years, with a load of 180 credits. The integrated programs are 300 * or 360 * credits and the normal duration is 5 or 6 academic years.

Master of Science

The programs in the second cycle of Master of Science studies last 2 academic years with a load of 120 credits.

Professional Master

The programs in the second cycle of Professional Master studies last 1 or 2 academic years with a load of 60 or 120 credits.

Professional Diploma

Professional programs are up to 2 academic years after upper secondary education, with a load of up to 120 credits.

* : 5-year integrated program "Master of Science"

** : Program that will be activated soon